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  • BUENAS bayong bag, ABO at ITIM
  • BUENAS bayong bag, ABO at ITIM

BUENAS bayong bag, ABO at ITIM



The todo silhouette is an everyday carry-all bag that can stash almost everything. Made of nylon flat straws, these make the perfect essentials run bag because it can easily be sanitized or washed.

This was woven by a casual community of bayong weavers in the outer Metro Manila area whose husbands became unemployed due to the pandemic.

large: length 12.5" x width 15.5" x depth 8.5"

For your monogram initials, please email: hello@wear-herman.com
*please allow one week to finish your personalized labels. Thank you!
*shipping rate is based on size of the box not the weight.

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