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Herman & Co. is a heritage clothing concept brand curated by Bea Schück-Lim Constantino showcasing indigenous weaves, textiles & artisanal products from the Philippine tribes particularly those from Southern Mindanao.

“A sartorial love letter to her roots and the Mindanao peninsula....”

- Renee Ultado, L’Officiel Manila, May 2017



Bea is a Chavacano-Tausug of German descent whose heritage is traced back to the Lims of Zamboanga and the Mustafa-Schück clans of Sulu. It was the year 1866 when Captain Herman Leopold Schück set foot in Sulu and forged a brotherhood with the Royal Sultanate of Sulu starting the generations of the German-Tausug Schück lineage.

“A new retail brand is changing the textile game.. With current pantones, silhouettes, and cuts, Herman & Co. preserves.. And brings local artisanship to the global arena....”
Explore Magazine, 2017

Herman & Co. envisions a global venue to highlight the unique and authentic weaves of our indigenous people by integrating their fabrics into everyday wear.



We believe that as long as we keep we aring, they keep weaving.

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